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Hello Kitty Hat

Hello Kitty Hat

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This is the handmade crochet Hello Kitty hat. Hello Kitty is a huge trend right now, rightfully so of course. This hat gives off the best vibes and is a unique piece to remind you of your inner child. THE BOW is definitely the cutest part. Hello kitty has good taste and I bet you do too! Great minds think alike hehe.

☆ Is ideal fitting and lightweight

☆ Very comfortable

☆ Is 100% polyester 

☆ Machine wash safe, recommended you air dry your product to be extra safe 

Model: @lovelyezzzy

My beautiful customer: @arelyyy_perez

Shipping & Returns

At most shipping will take 2 weeks. If you order will take longer than usual, you will recieve an email. For returns please email me with your reciept.

Care Instructions

Machine wash safe on a gentle cycle, recommended you air dry your product to be extra safe.

To clean your custom shoes use water, gentle soap, soft fabric/sponge and air dry only (no harsh chemicals)

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